Genius can be hard
to navigate.

Product Therapy Studio helps top talent find their way through tough intangibles.

💬  The CTO

“The users don’t use the app but the software makes perfect sense. I’m not sure what is the difficulty.”
💬  The Founder

“How do I direct this *** design studio to get what I want? They are not hearing me and I need them to get the vision.”
💬   The CD

“What they’re asking for makes no sense. I can’t get into flow, it’s impossible. HR said I could talk to you.”
💬  The CEO

“Pivoting is a great option but if I mention it the team will freak. I need help thinking through our positioning asap.”

What is Product Therapy?

Insight on demand for founders, talent and teams who need help with their product. 

Product Therapy gives talent somewhere to talk and get fresh perspective. Product Therapy means coming to new points of view through tools such as

→ Audit that checks your vision against execution
→ Neutral feedback that understands the market
→ Novel systems and analogies to map the terrain
→ Socratic dialog that cuts to 1st principles
→ Useful sketches of insights and alternatives

By who?

Product Therapy Studios is led by designer and founder Ben Pieratt  :  

Juggling the variables needed to put a dent in the universe is a rare and lonely position – it’s hard enough to keep all the parts moving let alone get anyone to understand what you’re trying to do.

Becoming a successful designer within the manic dream world of venture-funded tech has meant developing my own approach to understanding genius at the edge of comprehensibility. 

Talent finds value in offloading their thoughts and hearing them reflected back because this allows them to step back from holding it together and see the whole picture for themselves.
Even in absence of domain expertise, situations will open themselves to new understanding within a few moments of deep empathy and inquiry.

I’m very excited to now offer these singular moments of abstract utility as a primary deliverable. If you are building something great and feel stuck, I would love to help.

— BP


First call is free of course   ↓

🗓️ — Find a time on Calendly

💬 — or txt me at +1 (978) 491-7637

✉️ — or reach out via Email


✨  Talk

In-depth talk with notes.

Subscription discount available
✨ 90 min call
📝 Follow-up notes

⏳ Delivery: 2 days

🔬  Audit

Two talks with deck.

Subscription discount available

✨  Talk x 2
📘  360º Deck with sketches
⏳ Delivery: 2 weeks

🏛️   Team

Talks and deck for the team. 

+ $500 per team member
Subscription discount available

✨  Talk with each team member
📘  360º Deck with sketches summarizing team’s relationship with self and vision
⏳ Delivery: 1 month

Recent Clients:

💬  Ben Z.
Founder, Consultant

“I have worked with Pieratt on naming, branding, and product design over four companies, from seed stage to acquisition. Again and again, he's consistently been five years ahead and one light year out on vision, technology, and culture.”
💬  Phil M.
Founder, CTO

“Ben brings a certain magic to any project. He's a profound product thinker and designer who does not flinch from telling you exactly what you need to hear, which is admirable and vitally needed.”
💬   Mark K.
Founder, CTO

“Have you ever read an author and felt pried open after they articulated your own experience and vision more completely and vividly than you ever could? Ben’s like that, but on demand.”

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